合规 & 认证

梅西山大学根据第四章联邦财政援助计划中参与机构的披露要求提供以下信息. 该列表包含指向包含实际信息或政策的页面的链接,如果没有在线信息,则可以在哪里获取这些信息.

合规 & 学生消费者资料

This policy describes acceptable conduct, applicable legal sanctions for unlawful activities, health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs/alcohol and 可用 counseling related to drug or alcohol abuse.


年度校园安全报告符合联邦学生知情权和校园安全法案规定的所有合规标准, which is known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act). 该报告反映了高等教育机会法案(HEOA)对报告要求的最新变化和补充, amendments effective August 2008. This report is 可用 to all current and prospective 学生s and employees. 要求, a paper copy can be provided by contacting:  Director of 公共安全, 梅西山大学, 埃尔姆赫斯特Dr NE 1330号, 锡达拉皮兹市, IA, 52402.

2021年克利里法案犯罪数据 (PDF)

Fire Safety Report: The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), amendments effective August 2008, 规定必须报告现有或未来学生及雇员的学生宿舍消防安全的某些资料,并随时供任何有关人士查阅. The Campus First Safety Annual 合规 Report is the public disclosure report detailing fire safety practices, 标准, and all fire-related on-campus statistics. This report is 可用 to all current and prospective 学生s and employees. 要求, a paper copy can be provided by contacting: Director of 公共安全, 梅西山大学, 埃尔姆赫斯特Dr NE 1330号, 锡达拉皮兹市, IA, 52402.

2021年火灾数据 (PDF)

合规 with Iowa Sex Offender Registry Law




The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of 学生 education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. 教育部. FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children's education records. These rights transfer to the 学生 when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have transferred are "eligible 学生s." Paper copies information regarding FERPA, may be obtained by writing the Registrar’s Office, 梅西山大学, 埃尔姆赫斯特Dr NE 1330号, 锡达拉皮兹市, IA, 52402 or by calling 319-363-8213, ext. 1584.




Code of Conduct for Educational Loans: This policy addresses the administration and enforcement of a 行为准则 governing educational loan activities at 梅西山大学.
View the extended version of the Financial Code of Conduct


Disbursement of Your 援助 Funds

Entrance and Exit Counseling Information


National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS): Institutions entering into agreement with a potential 学生, 学生, or parent of a 学生 regarding a Title IV, HEA贷款需要通知学生和家长,贷款将提交到国家学生贷款数据系统(NSLDS), and will be accessible by guaranty agencies, 银行, and institutions determined to be authorized users of the data system


Notice of Penalties for Drug Law Violations


Private Education Loan Disclosures


Satisfactory Academic Progress


学生贷款资料:教育部根据第IV章提供有关学生和院校可获得贷款的资料,以及他们的权利和责任, HEA贷款计划.

留学计划: If a 学生 is studying or planning to study abroad, 他/她必须在申请过程的早期拜访学生金融服务办公室的工作人员,以确定可以为学生的海外留学项目申请哪些援助,并填写适当的表格. Many federal grants and loans in the package may apply to the 学生’s study abroad program. QT电子平台 institutional funding and state aid may apply to the study abroad program. Whether portions of a 学生’s financial aid will transfer, depends upon the type of aid that has been awarded 和 cost of the study abroad program. 在一般情况下, 对于申请联邦经济援助的学生来说,在Mercy批准的学分的海外学习计划中注册可能被视为“注册”.



完成率/毕业率:梅西山大学每年都会提供特定学生群体的毕业率和完成率信息. This information is gat在这里d annually in compliance with the Student Right-to-Know Act. Graduation and completion rates are calculated for full time, first-time undergraduate 学生s who complete their program within 150% of the length of their program; 学生s pursuing a traditional, four-year bachelor’s degree would be expected to graduate within a six-year time frame. The detailed information regarding graduation rates may be reviewed in the Registrar’s Office, 213病房大厅. For questions, appointments should be made with Chance McWorthy, Registrar & Assitant Provost for Academic Operations. 

Graduation Rates for Students Receiving Athletically Related Student 援助


第九条Gender-Based Misconduct Policy: This policy details 梅西山大学 's policy and procedures regarding gender and sex-based discrimination, 骚扰, 和滥用.

第九条协调员: This page details information regarding compliance and 梅西山大学's 第九条协调员.


Employment and Graduate School Placement Rates: 梅西山大学 offers career development services to its 学生s and graduates. Each year approximately nine months after graduation, data on graduates is collected included employment status, 雇主的信息, 研究生院安置. 


认证: 请看这个网页的顶部

学术项目: Information concerning QT电子平台’s academic programs is found in the 大学目录.  


File Sharing 和 Higher Education Opportunity Act: 山Mercy致力于打击侵犯版权和非法文件共享,并有义务遵守高等教育机会法案中概述的关于未经授权分发版权材料的立法.




可接受使用政策: QT电子平台 encourages proper computer usage as a tool to further its teaching, 学术研究, 服务目标. 以下链接的文件概述了学生将如何与校园计算系统交互的基本期望.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

老师准备: 梅西山大学 prepares teachers for initial state certification and provides an annual report to the State of Iowa.



Athletic Program Participation: The annual Equity in 体育运动 Disclosure Act Report (EADA) includes information on participation rates, 金融支持, and other information on men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletic programs. 要求, a paper copy can be provided by contacting: Athletic Director’s Office, 302年亨尼西, 梅西山大学, 埃尔姆赫斯特1330号. NE,锡达拉皮兹,爱荷华州,5402.

大学导航网站: The 教育部 is required to post 26 items on the College Navigator website for each institution, including a link to the institution’s website that provides “in an easily accessible manner” information on 学生 activities offered by the institution; information on services offered by the institution for individuals with disabilities; information on career and placement services offered to 学生s during and after enrollment; and policies of the institution related to transfer of credit from other Institutions.


Information for Prospective Students and Student Athletes

服务s Provided to Students with Disabilities: 梅西山大学 complies with the federal mandates outlined in Section 504 of the 1973年康复法案 和 Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. QT电子平台 accepts 学生s who are able to engage in college level studies and who meet the admission criteria. 希望获得支持服务的残疾学生应联系卓越学术中心(319)363-1323的残疾服务协调员, ext.1204. 服务s may include assistance with note taking, 选择测试, or other accommodations deemed reasonable and necessary by qualified professionals. A 学生 requesting services should provide documentation of a disability in order to receive any services.


Student Consumer Complaint Process: 梅西山大学 seeks to resolve all 学生 complaints in a timely and effective manner.  投诉应首先在内部提出,如果问题无法解决,则可以通过学生消费者投诉流程向外部提出.

学生身份政策: 学生身份政策的目的是描述梅西山大学在远程(在线)教育中验证学生身份的过程.  蒙特梅西大学遵守2008年美国联邦高等教育机会法案(HEOA),该法案要求在远程学习中验证学生的身份.

教材价格资料: Current 学生s may log into their Brightspace account and use the Campus Store link to access the Textbook system.

选民登记:选民登记材料可在Busse图书馆的参考资料区或位于大学中心的学生服务套房找到. Use this link to access Iowa’s Absentee Ballot guidelines.


梅西山大学 is accredited by:

  • The Higher Learning Commission
    套房7 - 500

    The Commission on 认证 for Marriage and Family Therapy Education

  • The Council on Social Work Education

  • 爱荷华州护理委员会
    400 S.W. 第八街
    得梅因,IA 50309

  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education The baccalaureate degree program in nursing, master's degree program in nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice program at 梅西山大学 Martin-Herold College of Nursing & 健康 are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org).

  • 梅西山大学 is approved by the 爱荷华州教育部 (格莱姆斯州办公大楼., 得梅因, IA 50319-0146)提供小学和中学教育的教师认证课程,并在包括幼儿教育在内的几个领域提供认可, Strategist I K-6 and 7-12 and Strategist II K-12


山梅西大学由爱荷华大学学生援助委员会注册在爱荷华州运营,并由委员会批准参与州际远程教育互惠计划, 莎拉. Students who have questions or complaints about the University may contact the Commission at (877) 272-4456 or via the online 学生 dispute resolution form.


梅西山大学由爱荷华大学学生援助委员会注册在爱荷华州运营,并由该委员会批准参与州际远程教育互惠计划, NC-莎拉. NC-莎拉 authorizes QT电子平台 to provide distance education programs to residents of all US states (except California), 哥伦比亚特区, 波多黎各 and 美属维尔京群岛.

加州私立高等教育管理局(Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education)批准州外私立高等教育机构在加州没有实体存在的情况下运营. 梅西山大学 can provide distance education programs to 学生s in California. Students in California cannot participate in internship courses.


蒙特梅西大学致力于确保QT电子平台的课程不违反其他州护理委员会的规则和规定. We do not offer these programs in every state. 

A list of boards of nursing contact information can be found 在这里QT电子平台’s RN-BSN program is currently 不可用 in:

阿拉巴马州, 肯塔基州, 路易斯安那州, 马里兰, 北卡罗莱纳, 北达科他, 俄亥俄州, 俄勒冈州, 田纳西州, 华盛顿, 西维吉尼亚州, 怀俄明, 波多黎各, 美属维尔京群岛

QT电子平台’s Master of Science in Nursing program is currently 可用 in:

Iowa, Minnesota, 北卡罗莱纳

The MSN Nursing Informatics courses are offered in partnership with the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities (UMN). UMN负责确保通过远程教育提供的课程符合NC-莎拉和州护理委员会的规定.

 Students who have questions or complaints about the university should refer to the Student Consumer Complaint Process.


By making a charitable gift to the 梅西山大学, the donor understands that charitable donations are not refundable.