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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate

5- and 10-week blocks
Learn and network in-person
Per credit hour
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Why should I get this certificate?

“This is the way we’ve always done it” won’t do it anymore

Engage your natural curiosity and learn how to effectively question processes in order to drive results. Discover new ways of thinking, problem-solving, and bringing ideas to life. Drive change in an organization through the ability to think outside the box—and beyond.

Upskill your capabilities

  • Certificates are the fastest-growing form of post-secondary credentials in the U.S. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • 42% of certificate students gained more responsibilities, earned a promotion, or changed careers while pursing the credential (Harvard Extension School)
  • The number of people with a post-baccalaureate certificate has increased over 50% since 2005 (Forbes)

What are the required courses?

Graduate certificates require 12-13 credit hours and can be applied toward an MM. Select four courses below.

This course examines the entire budgeting process from start to finish, including how to create a disciplined culture of budgeting in an organization, the various methods for building budgets, techniques to analyze results, and how to increase the chances of organizational performance improvements.

Analytics is about using data and modeling to solve various kinds of problems. Making good decisions using data provides students with a distinct competitive advantage. This course will help students understand the concepts of sound statistical thinking that can be applied in surprisingly wide contexts, sometimes even before there is any data.

Students will learn key decision-making concepts which focus on analyzing problems and the ideas that really matter, illustrate by lively, practical, accessible examples.

This course focuses on inspiring students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset while providing them while demonstrating the need for creativity as it relates to entrepreneurship. We introduce the role of the entrepreneur, the power of innovation and technology in the entrepreneurial process with a focus on the development of growth-oriented and innovative ventures. Entrepreneurship is both a way of thinking and of doing.

Students will learn how to identify, assess, and implement new business opportunities within established organizations to drive and maintain competitive advantage.

This course is designed to immerse students in the research and evaluation of the marketing environment to identify strategic fit for product and service offerings. Beginning with a perceptive understanding of the buyer mindset to position products and services, students will identify, analyze, and exercise the most effective strategies and tools that will ensure success in a dynamic environment.

What are the next steps?

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